Wheel Alignment

Decades of  Wheel Alignment Experience


A-1 is proud to use the latest Hunter Alignment equipment-the most accurate front and rear alignments in Clovis, NM.

Our front end for most vehicles are $59.95 (excluding parts). Front and rear  are $89.95 (excluding parts).

Wheels out of alignment wear out your tires much faster and wear unevenly. A small error will wear tires as much as dragging your car sideways 20 feet for every mile you drive!

This added drag can cost you in gas mileage too. A bad wheel alignment is dangerous because it may cause your car to pull or drift out of your lane or hydroplane on wet pavement. Also, uneven tire wear can lead to a blowout or make you lose traction in an emergency. At A-1 Alignment we take into consideration camber, caster and toe for each vehicle. Seen from the front or back of the car camber is measured negative when your wheels lean toward the car body and positive when they lean away.

The caster is the pivot angle of the steering mechanism. Toe is the angle from the front of the tire compared to the back.  All of these angles are measured with today’s latest Hunter equipment.